About us

The Company Profile-Isolation d.o.o. ,thanks to a long tradition, surfaced in the top of the local and regional business environment. More than 10 years of experience, expertise and trained workforce, the use of modern solutions and methodology enabled us to exist in today's market. The companys activities include hot and cold insulation of pipelines and elements of industrial plants, production and installation of channels for air conditioning and ventilation facilities, production and installation of all tin fascia building elements, insulation of pipe steam heating and hot water pipes, flexible thermal insulation for external application to the temperature of 150 ° C. ..more

Our activities
  • Channel system for air conditioning and heating
  • Insulation of steam heating and hot water pipes
  • Cold polyurethane insulation of glycol, freon pipes and containers
  • Armaflex insulation
  • Installation of insulation panels
  • Pipe air system
Daisy on the Ohoopee
Daisy on the Ohoopee
Daisy on the Ohoopee